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When The Heavens Open

on July 29, 2012

About once every six months, the heavens open and God ordains to bring us some kind of special treat from home.  In the past 18 months, a Starbucks has opened on our island, a chocolate store selling Hershey’s bars and now, a gourmet pizza shop.  Kyle and I drove to the mall every other day to check on the Starbucks build-out.  They knew our names before the shop even opened.  When I saw the Hershey’s chocolate store, I literally swerved two lanes in speeding traffic in unabashed excitement.  And so you can imagine our JOY, when God gave us a gourmet Pizza shop.  The fact is, we’ve had a Pizza Hut here for years, but the sauce just doesn’t taste right, the “sausage” is just seasoned ground beef and the salad bar looks less appetizing than your Grandma’s nursing home buffet.

Look at these eight little pieces of pure-heavenly-bliss.  These are the leftovers from our lunch.  And they DELIVER!  Is this heaven?  Do you notice the little packets in the top right corner of the box.  It’s Parmesan!  Do you hear me?  Parmesan, people!  I fail to understand how they can afford to include two tablespoons of parmesan in each pizza box, when a cup of the stuff costs upwards of $8 on our island.  I voiced my question to Kyle when we beheld their menu for the first time, and he promptly responded, “Lower your voice.  Smile and nod, smile and nod.  Act like its normal.”  This is what we call Expat Syndrome– marked by episodes of hoarding, maniacal driving and unexplained fits of nodding at inappropriate moments.


2 responses to “When The Heavens Open

  1. Krisie says:

    You are too funny! Keep it up!

  2. islandsoujourner says:

    I was so disappointed to open my fridge this morning and find that ALL 8 pieces in this box had disappeared. Kyle sheepishly confessed to eating all of them yesterday afternoon, stating that “They’re just such small pieces!”

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