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The Plagues and the Passover

on July 23, 2012

This week, we are studying the Plagues against the Egyptians and I couldn’t help but notice that our family has experienced our own form of the plagues since we moved here.

1. Water to Blood:  This morning when we turned on the faucet, the water was dark brown for about 5 minutes.  It’s like this every morning.  Don’t drink it…ever!  It only costs about $1 for 5 gallons of clean water.

2.  Frogs:  There are swarms of frogs living in the sewer in front of my house.  They croak loudly at night.  Some of the kids in our neighborhood fish for tadpoles right from the sewer.

3.  Gnats or Lice:  We have a gnat infestation in our bathroom on the first floor– they have found a point of entry in the window screen and they crawl in through the pipes.  We need to get the screen replaced soon!  As for the lice, I plead the 5th.

4.  Flies: Yesterday, we ate out at a nearby restaurant.  The adults were trying to talk as the kids played in the pool nearby.  We ended up leaving after 30 minutes because the flies were absolutely swarming our table.  There were about 15 flies inside my friend’s orange juice cup.

5.  Dead Livestock:  Do other kinds of dead animals found inside the house count: including lizards, mice, rats, cockroaches, and even snakes?

6.  Boils: 7 outbreaks of Shingles, need I say more?  I will say more because I want you to feel my pain–we’ve also experienced countless fungal infections and other tropical rashes.

7. Thunder and Hail:  Tropical rainstorms would fit here. Sometimes, rivers of water are literally running down the streets.  When we first moved here, I’d think I could do a quick dash to the car without getting too wet.  Try it once, and you’ll find out that it looks like you’ve  taken an impromptu dip in the pool with all your clothes on.

8.  Locusts:  I put cockroaches in this category.  There was a dead cockroach in my kitchen this morning covered in about 500 ants.

9.  Darkness:  The power outages fit here.  I can’t tell you the feeling of utter despair that descends upon you the moment the power goes out.  The hot, humid air feels suffocating– you throw your kids in the car and drive around aimlessly with the A/C at full blast until you hear that the power is back on.  Usually the outages last 3 hours.

10. Death of the First Born– Obviously we have been “Passed Over” in this category and I can’t help but thank God for his provision and protection over the past 4 years.  Despite all of the crazy animal infestations, insect swarms and challenges of life in the developing world, we’ve learned to LOVE our life here.  And none of the challenges– even some of the scarier health crises–have sent us packing.  And that’s something to be thankful for!


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