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How to Make Yogurt

on July 20, 2012

Our family consumes one liter of yogurt every day. I kid you not.  We’re swimming in probiotics here, people.  I have been guilty of encouraging our yogurt fetish because I’m deeply afraid of the intestinal bacteria that’s practically swarming us here on this island.  I also love the challenge of cooking healthy, affordable treats for our family.  One liter of yogurt costs approximately 50 cents to make from scratch here on our island.

2 cups of store-bought yogurt costs $3 on our island, and it’s not even the good stuff that you get in the States.  We’re talking about a runny, milky, gel-like substance that makes you want to runs screaming for the hills.  So, I set about the task of perfecting a recipe for yogurt that would be fool proof.  Fool proof is key when it comes to yogurt because it’s very finicky and I wanted to master the beast.  Yogurt–I am your MASTER!

I have tried it in the oven, the rice cooker and a make-shift cooler.  But nothing, nothing provides the consistent results you will find with this product, which will cost you around $40.  I have two of these puppies and I have named them: Thelma and Bertha.

Easiyo Yogurt Maker

Next you will need:

1) A pot of boiling water

2)  One Liter of Cold Water And 5 ounces of powdered milk or One liter of cold, fresh milk.  We rarely have fresh milk on our island or I would use that, of course.

3) One Tablespoon of Yogurt  (this is called  “starter” in the world of yogurt connoisseurs.  If there is a world of yogurt connoisseurs, I want to move there right now.  My name will be “Koko, Master of Yogurt”)

The Easiyo comes with a one-liter sized tupperware canister, and a larger thermos.

Fill the canister with the cold water, powdered milk and tablespoon of yogurt.  Mix very well.  I usually fill the canister with 500 ml of cold water, the yogurt and powder, mix it really well with a small whisk, then add the rest of the water.  I then close the canister and shake it like a maraca.  It’s good practice for Zumba.

Fill the thermos with boiling hot water up to the top of the white baffle, then put the canister in there.  Close the top and you’re done.  Wait between 12-24 hour for the magic to happen.  If you open it up and the yogurt isn’t as thick as you want, try closing it back up and waiting for several more hours.  Don’t leave it for longer than 24 hours.  The longer it’s in there, the tangier the taste as the probiotics grow and grow.  You can counteract that tang by adding a little lemon juice to the yogurt.  You can also follow the instructions for making Greek yogurt, which I posted last week.  When the whey is removed, some of the tanginess is also removed.

What’s the dif, you might ask, between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt?  Greek yogurt is higher in protein and lower in carbs, but the calcium is slightly reduced and the fat content is increased.  I always prefer non-fat Greek yogurt as a result, but it’s more expensive to make since skim yogurt is more watery to start with. You are left with only about one cup of non-fat Greek yogurt when you start with a liter of skim yogurt.  But, it’s a luscious, creamy treasure  so its worth the 50 cent sacrifice.

Those Greeks are smart people.  They brought us Archimedes, pita bread, Herodotus, Plato and Greek Yogurt– those are not listed in order of importance.


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