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Chronicling the Pilgrimage, Pt. 2

on July 19, 2012

Upon arrival, I immediately inhaled a breath of crisp mountain air.  This is one of the benefits of walking directly off the plane onto the tarmac.



This is a refreshing view for us since our own island is only 28 miles across.  The hill by our house is the highest elevation on the island.











We arrived at our hotel, which was newly refurbished.  These guys sat in the lobby and played in a little spot surrounded by a koi pond.  The music was beautiful and the kids loved the fish. Caleb kept running up and splashing the water onto the man with the xylophone.  He kept smiling and asking if Caleb wanted to help him play.  I love this culture!







Our room came equipped with a beautiful view of these ladies in their pink swim caps.  We only made it to the pool for a short time, but it was really fun to watch all the old ladies chatting in the pool with their caps and granny swimsuits.









We loved our hotel, which was literally one block from Wendy’s.  We ate there not once, not twice but…. four times!  Bet you didn’t see that coming.






Speaking of food, we loved the all-inclusive breakfast buffet at our hotel.  And by “we,” I mean the kids, who love the freedom of choosing their own food.  I disavow any foreknowledge of the choices my children made over the last 3 breakfasts.  I found out today that Shay had 3 pancakes and 4 donuts this morning.














After breakfast on our first morning, we headed straight to the immigration office.  It only took us a little over an hour to complete the process.  Caleb entertained himself by playing peek-a-boo with the other baby in the room.  He just kept forgetting to uncover his eyes, so he sat there for several minutes like this.











This is how Shay entertained himself.  Notice, he chose to wear his traditional formal shirt to honor the immigration officials.  I begged him to keep it untucked and to unbutton at least one button on the collar.  He finally relented, stating that “it’s just more comfortable when it’s all nice and neat.”








































We celebrated the completion of our task by heading straight to Wendy’s.  Shocker.






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