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Chronicles of the Pilgrimage, The Final Installment

on July 19, 2012




If you love me enough to actually read this blog, then you will love me enough to forgive the spacing problems I’m having with these pictures.  This won’t be much longer…I promise.  We make this trek every 4 years, so it has become a part of our rhythm of life and I want to share it with you.




We’re finally back on solid ground after our return flight.  Shay and Lydia guarded the luggage cart while I waited in line for our duffel bag.  I can just hear Kyle saying, “I love that bag!”  That’s my ebag backpack– so versatile and affordable!  Totally recommend it if you travel eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible: Clothing  This is not a paid advertisement. 🙂













They quickly made themselves right at home– something that TCKs are really good at!  Wherever you are– that’s home.  Lydia’s spreading out her tea cups and saucers and Shay is playing with his Beyblades (a fancified, Asian version of spinning tops).  There are about 4 people circling them and taking photos.  The kids don’t even notice anymore.





Meanwhile, I’m standing in the melee, waiting for the bags to start coming ’round the conveyor.  This lone plastic baggy circled the track about ten times.  It looked so forlorn– I felt that I must justify its existence by taking a photograph.  Seriously, most of the ‘luggage’ that came out of that conveyor belt were really just used cardboard boxes or plastic bags that were filled up with stuff, wrapped up tightly and marked with a tag.  Clever!







Finally, our bag came round the bend, and I think it looks remarkably like an overstuffed sausage.  It’s filled with all kinds of treasures we collected on our journey– vanilla beans, clothing, spices, Mac & Cheese.  Since our island doesn’t have much, we take any opportunity to collect stuff from the more-developed areas we visit.  We have 6 of these cloth duffels– they are invaluable!  We shoved this puppy in Kyle’s backpack and filled it up throughout our pilgrimage.  I loved myself when I got home, opened up this sucker and restocked my cabinets.  I can’t wait for those hugs when I pile their plates with Mac & Cheese tomorrow!






Home at last: where Lydia promptly dons her pink dress and veil.  Pump up the A/C, turn on the fan and cozy up for a night at home.






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