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What’s wrong with this picture?

on July 18, 2012

Here’s the list of buttons inside our hotel’s elevator today.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Answer:  The Number 4 is missing.  Did you know that the number 4 is the most feared number in Chinese numerology?  I’m guessing that this hotel is frequented by many Chinese tourists, since they have left the entire number 4 of the list of floors.  Ironically, the number 13 is still there, though that’s also an unlucky number.  The number 4 actually means death. Each number is assigned a meaning.  The number 8 means life.  In fact, the numbers are so important, that women will schedule c-sections on the “fortuitous” dates to ensure their child a long and happy life.  The service of choosing your child’s birth date is not cheap- you can pay upwards of several thousand dollars for an elective c-section on a fortuitous date.  As a result, August 8, 2008 (08/08/08) was the most sought-after birth date in recorded history.

Caleb was born on February 13th,2010, which was not only an unlucky number, but also the last day in the Chinese Year of the Ox. If your child is born in that year, he or she will be stubborn and boring.   The next day was the start of the Year of the Tiger, which means your child will be tenacious and strong.  I was the ONLY person on the entire Labor and Delivery ward for an entire day.  There were 50 other empty beds.   Everyone wanted their child to be born on either 2/12/10 or 2/14/10.  The baffling thing is that their babies went along with the plan.

My friend lives in a predominantly Chinese neighborhood.  The house numbers go like this: 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, 12a,12b,15,16.  One day, I spent about 10 minutes, parked outside her house like a stalker, staring at all the odd numbers until I figured out why they were numbered this way.  Maybe I was born in the Year of the Ox too.


2 responses to “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Cari says:

    Danny was born on 8/8/08, by c-section (although due to his stubborness, not by election). I guess he wanted to affirm his Chinese heritage!

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