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The Komodo Dragon Incident

on July 15, 2012

What happens when you take these two Island Sojourning Mamas


and add this reptilian relic of the Pleistocene era of dinosaurs?

The older sister jumps on top of the younger sister (who is driving the vehicle), commanding her to “Go, Go, Go!”   The younger sister pumps the gas pedal, but the older sister’s foot is leveraged beneath the pedal.  We are frozen in Flight.  The Komodo Dragon bumbles calmly away from the panicking ladies.



Ironically, the older sister just finished reassuring the younger sister that “There are no komodo dragons living on this island.  They only live on the island of Komodo.”


5 responses to “The Komodo Dragon Incident

  1. Mark Snyder says:

    You missed a golden opportunity to get a pet for Shay!

  2. islandsoujourner says:

    One of these komodo dragons was tied up outside EZ Grace Orphanage– attached by its neck to a small bush by a plastic rope. The owner told us it was their pet. Stephen promptly went out to purchase them a cage.

  3. Jackie says:

    Lilia just informed me the other day she would get Leighton a lizard for his birthday. I told her she would need permission from us (her parents!) before ever getting her brother a pet for his birthday & the answer is “no.” BUT, I would almost agree to it if I knew it came from the sweet El Zion Grace. PTL the airlines don’t have tickets for unvaccinated Komodo dragons. When is Shay’s birthday???

    • islandsoujourner says:

      Hahahah! Lilia is so precious! Shay’s birthday is March 1, 2005, and please don’t send him a lizard for his birthday, Lilia. 🙂 I love her generous heart. After a long process of gathering research, we have confirmed that komodo dragons and monitor lizards are not poisonous. However, their teeth are so full of bacteria that people invariably get an infection from the bite. And, I’m guessing that most of the people who are bitten in those remote locations don’t have access to antibiotics. Thus, the myth that they are poisonous has developed over time. However, they are vicious when provoked. I actually had an encounter with a komodo dragon once and I watched it run away so quickly– it literally ran right through a very dense thicket of bushes at full speed. It can definitely out-run me! So, I better keep those antibiotics on hand.

  4. I love it I love it I love it! Yikes!

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