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How to Make Corn Tortillas

on July 15, 2012

Sadly, we cannot buy corn tortillas on our island.  I’ve never really loved corn tortillas, until I found this recipe by Rachel Ray for Mexican Pizza.  There are no words to describe this treasure.

So, in light of this recipe, I had to learn how to make corn tortillas.  Let’s face it, a flour tortilla just isn’t the same….

You will need to purchase Masa Harina, which is NOT the same as corn meal or corn flour.  Masa Harina is a special kind of flour made from corn soaked in lime juice.  Corn meal will not work– it doesn’t absorb enough liquid and becomes a gritty wet paste.


1 3/4 c. Masa Harina

1 1/8 c. Hot water

Cover with plastic wrap and allow this mixture to rest 30 minutes.  Preheat a cast iron skillet at medium-high.  Divide dough into 15 equal-size balls.  Press each ball between two plastic sheets (or a tortilla press if you have it), then roll with rolling pin into a 6-inch round tortilla.  Immediately, place on the hot griddle for one minute, flip and cook the other side for only a few minutes.  Place the cooked tortilla inside a cloth (to keep it from drying out) as you continue cooking the other tortillas.


One response to “How to Make Corn Tortillas

  1. thank you, Court, for this fun suggestion! Can’t wait to try these!

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