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Hiding the Word in their Hearts

on July 14, 2012

As I dreamed and planned with the Lord about this year’s homeschool curriculum, I realized that this is a critical moment for our children.  The fact is, they are at such a precious age– their worldview is forming.   Their little brains are so sharp and absorbent.  Their curiosity is at the highest height.  Everything is new, exciting and cool!  They aren’t cynical and rebellious yet.  And we’ve worked with high school kids enough to know this won’t last forever.  So, what am I getting at?  This is my chance to hide little nuggets of truth in their hearts.  And when those days  come (let’s be honest, we know those days will come…though they seem so far off at present)– the trials, the temptations, the pain, the deserts– the Holy Spirit will have a “savings account” of treasures to draw from– to convict and to comfort them in those moments.  The moments that we may or may not be allowed to enter with them as parents, mentors and friends.

Is this magic? You might ask. Nope, we’re talking Bible Memorization, people!  So, we’re embarking on the age-old journey of Fighter Verses with the help of  There, you can find links to all the fighter verses and the ESV weblink for each verse.  Click the button for “Listen” and you will hear a delightful recitation of that verse by a mechanical voice that sounds like Alec Baldwin.  When Lydia recites the verses, she sounds disturbingly like this man.  We rehearse one Fighter Verse per week.

However, I didn’t just want to stuff a bunch of Bible verses in their heads (though that wouldn’t be such a bad idea!), so we also follow the S.O.A.P. method of Bible Study: Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.   The plan is to help them understand how to read and apply the Bible so they will reflexively ask the right questions when they come to the Scriptures. Our homeschool week lasts four days, so we focus on one of these aspects of bible study each day.  We use the Fighter Verse for the week to help provide consistency.  The S.O.A.P. cards are laminated and the kids write on them with dry erase markers.  For Example, Lydia’s laminated S.O.A.P. card looked like this today:

Scripture: Deuteronomy 10:12-13

Observation: God has rules we must follow.

Application:  I need to follow God alone.  No idols.

Prayer: God, help me follow you.

Simple, right?!  Since she’s still working on basic handwriting skills, I will often help her write her ideas down.  Remember, this is not a handwriting exercise!  I don’t want her to get bogged down and start dreading this part of our day.  Plus, its fun to hear her thoughts.  She’s so earnest.  Just look at these faces: no trace of cynicism or rebellion.  What a precious moment.


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