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How to Make Greek Yogurt

on July 12, 2012

During our visit to the States last Fall, I discovered the joy of greek yogurt. Can anyone say Fage! That’s pronounced “Fa-Yeah” which is quite an apropos pronunciation, if you ask me. And if you know me, and surely you do if you’re reading this blog, then you will know that my next kitchen adventure would be to replicate this luscious desert/side dish/sauce/condiment.

Unfortunately, items such as greek yogurt are not found on our tiny island. And even if you could find it, it would probably cost $10 per cup. You would throw caution to the wind, and buy it anyway– your heart filling with joy and expectation as you drive home. There, you’d open it and it would be rancid due to improper refrigeration. Yes, that’s happened to me. Can anyone say “Culture Stress”? Cancel!

One possible solution is to go without this treasure…which I would never do. Why go without, when you can make it yourself?! Cheap, healthy, delicious. Those are the key words for Koko’s Kitchen! That’s the name of my kitchen. I suggest naming your kitchen too so you will feel like a professional chef. It helps combat the monotony– trust me on this.

So, here’s how you do it: Place a cheesecloth (or thin dishcloth or thick dishcloth if that’s all you have) and place it on top of a pasta strainer. Take yogurt (any amount) and plop it on top of the cheesecloth. Put the strainer on top of another bowl to catch the whey. Place the entirety in the refrigerator. Leave it there for 1 hour-12 hours (depending on the thickness of cloth you are using). Strain out as much whey as you would like. It will be less and less bitter the more the whey is removed. It will also be thicker the more whey you strain out.  No whey?!!! Yes whey!  Never mind.  When it’s reached your desired consistency, dump it into a bowl, cover it in honey and eat it. Or put it into a tupperware and use it as a substitute for sour cream. Or blend it up with a cucumber and slather it on your face for a homemade mask. I have no idea if this yogurt mask works, but it sounds like fun…please, please, please send me a picture if you do it.


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