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The Abundant Life Academy

on July 11, 2012

Last week, we began our foray into full-time homeschool.  Heat up the laminator!  Open the blog!  Break out the denim jumpers and the appliqué sweaters!  Or in my case, the pilates pants and cotton t-shirts– we live in the tropics after all.

We’ve completed our first week and a half of homeschool, which we call “The Abundant Life Academy.”  So far, its been the classic roller coaster ride of loving myself and hating myself for making this decision.  My kids love all of the activities that make me want to tear out my hair and run down the streets screaming.  For example, we mummified one of Lydia’s dolls today.  That’s right.  We cut off her hair, ripped out her innards (except for the heart of course), rubbed her in oil, spices and salt.  We dried her out in the sun and then wrapped her in cloths.  She’s now resting lamentably in our craft area waiting for the homemade amulets we’ll make out of foam paper tomorrow– and then we’ll wrap her up some more.  Now, I’m deciding whether we should make her a sarcophagus.  It just doesn’t seem right to leave her like that.  She deserves a beautiful box, and perhaps even a pyramid we can make out of the discarded bricks in our neighborhood.  Forgive me for calling the mummy “her”– she’s actually an 18 year old male pharaoh who died of a snake bite. Or so Shay claims.  He even drew a bloody snake bite on the doll’s leg with a Sharpie.  Point taken.

Here he/she is drying on our balcony, in all his/her freakish glory:

So, what are the parts of homeschool that I enjoy?  The organizing, of course!  I love sorting, organizing and preparing all of our curricula.  I have put endless hours into an organizational system that inherently defies the point of efficiency because its so complex.  However, it makes me feel so happy, prepared and purposeful.  We use the workbox system, as well as some other helpful hints I’ve learned from The other day, Shay randomly commented at the dinner table– “I love how our home is so tidy and organized.” That’s my boy!


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